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Jim Fiscus Photo

I am convinced that half of what I do is getting out of the way and letting the work that my partners do shine. This is completely the case with my friend Jim and his photography.

Jim’s previous site was not mobile friendly and had a cumbersome navigation with lots of dead space and small thumbnails for his photography. He needed a site that was gorgeous both on a big screen in a conference room for art directors and something small and mobile enough that he could use to make presentations when pitching new clients. We created a site that was clean, photography rich, and mobile friendly.

We built a rather simple little skeleton that he could use to highlight his exhaustive photography work with clients like HBO, Showtime, A&E, Levis, ESPN, Samsung and artists like Rihanna, Outkast, Jay-Z and more.

We are really proud of this one but less for what we did and the small role we got to play in showcasing Jim’s immense talent.

Jim Fiscus

Jim Fiscus Photography